About Keith

I care deeply about my neighbourhood and love the amount of cultural diversity represented in Ward 4. In the 5 years I have lived in this area I have seen exponential growth that has been possible with the finalization of Anthony Henday. With rapid growth comes several concerns including an increase in crime, and I would work closely with law enforcement and the community to build strong relationships between neighbours so we are all working together toward the same goals.
The growth in the area has also created traffic concerns, and I personally lobbied council to get a set of lights installed at the intersection of 167 Ave and 71 st to ensure that the children of the neighbourhood could cross the busy intersection in safety to catch their school busses.
Formal Education: Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce, CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional)
Describe how your career will make you a good fit for being a City Councillor:
I have worked in the field of Human Resources for 15 years. Today’s HR professional must participate in strategic decision making to ensure their company shines under challenging conditions. Current workforce challenges such as recession, skilled trade labour shortage and migration pattern changes require experience to successfully navigate. To provide advice and assist with informed decision making, HR professionals must be aware of financial and economic indicators, environmental and political changes around the world and how markets are impacted by those changes. I always work towards ensuring that my division provides mentorship, leadership, and training opportunities to HR professionals to foster a culture of informed risk management.
Describe any work you have done that has raised the profile of Edmonton
I started my life in Alberta with $135.00 in my pocket, and knew no-one here. Over the past 12 years of living here, I have fallen in love with this province, and with the City of Edmonton. I have sold Edmonton as a fine place to live and raise a family for the many families that I have encouraged to move here for fulfilling employment.
Describe how you have made a difference in the city
Most Edmontonians have good jobs and make decent wages. However, a significant proportion work for low wages in occupations like retail trade, accommodation and food services, janitorial, private security and personal care. Reliance on paid employment for family income has increased since 2000, while the share of income from federal and provincial government income transfers has declined. Lone parents for instance earn almost $5 from employment for every $1 received in income transfers. I use my “one stop solutions” organization to motivate newcomers and others to pursue better education and connecting with potential organization to increase their potential within career pathing.
Alberta is a prosperous province, yet Edmontonians have not shared in this prosperity. The most recent data from 2012 finds that one in eight Edmontonians experience poverty as a daily reality. The younger you are, the more likely you are to live in poverty. Just under one in five Edmonton children under 18 years of age live in a poor family. Just over one in three children living in a lone-parent family lives in poverty. I work with families and children to share the wealth through my non-profit organization the Educational Tree by providing access to educational tools for children by relieving their families of some of the cost burden associated with schooling.
Describe your community contributions
I founded a non-profit organization called the Educational Tree Foundation, whose vision is to create a world where education can eradicate poverty. Through this foundation I have managed to help several families provide access to a higher quality of education for their children by providing funding for books, computers, school and school bus fees.
I also founded a profit organization called One Stop HR Solutions which focusses on helping companies and employees find the right fit together.
I am a member of my community league, and I work with youth to encourage them to excel in school and coach them to improve their skills in soccer, which is a passion of mine.

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